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Experts Live

Experts Live 2016 Slide Deck Download

Thank you! It was a great experience to speak at the Experts Live 2016 event. A big thank you to all who attended my Microsoft ATA session and of course the visitors and volunteers who made this edition possible! Experts Live 2016 hosted over more than 50 breakout sessions about Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Windows Server

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Speaking at Experts Live

Speaking at Experts Live 2016

Tuesday november the 22nd I will be speaking at the community based tech event called Experts Live, which is a one day event focused primarily around Microsoft technologies. This years edition will host a whopping 50+  sessions from various speakers from the Netherlands and other EU countries. I will be talking about Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

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Create “Hidden” Active Directory Site for Application Testing Purposes

One of the biggest challenges in Active Directory Domain Controller upgrades are the application member servers, specifically the ones that make use of Active Directory authentication (Ldap). We all know the legacy applications within the organization, they’re still running after ten or more years, nobody knows something about it, there isn’t any documentation left but

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Manually install patches on your standalone VMware ESXi 5.1 host

It’s relatively easy to install patches and updates on a standalone VMware ESXi 5.1 host. Get the update(s) from the VMware Patch Portal Upload the zip files to your datastore. Shutdown all of your virtual machines and put the host in maintenance mode. Connect to your host using an SSH client (make sure SSH is

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Slow performance MySQL on Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8

After installing a MySQL/PHP combo  by using the Web Platform Installer on a Windows Server 2012 host with IIS 8 installed I noticed slow initial response time of loading webpages. I assumed it was PHP in need of some tweaking on the Windows platform but after running some performance tests the problem was not related

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